February 14th, 2014

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Family Feuds and In-Laws Wooed, for Eustacia_Vye28

Family Feuds and In-Laws Wooed

Prompt #20
For eustacia_vye28

Rating: Not/Sorta Naughty
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: Minor cursing; suggestive scenes.
Summary: The Malfoy and Weasley families have never agreed on anything, until now. Neither is thrilled to see their only son and only daughter, respectively, dating. When Draco and Ginny decide take their relationship further, their families are less than receptive. How can the couple get their families to, at the very least, respect their relationship, if not get along? Will their families finally accept their choice in significant other?
Author’s Notes: This is, sadly, unfinished. I have got plenty more written, and ready to be posted when this is all over; however, this seemed like the best end point for now. It will definitely get less angsty down the road, and I hope the hopefulness is enough for now! Every time I tried to get more lighthearted, it wound up being even more angsty.
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fandom, fanfic, Harry Potter, Draco, Ginny

A Malfoy Down the Hole, for Hipokras

A Malfoy Down the Hole

Prompt #1
For hipokras

Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Summary: While boringly waiting for Dumbledore to get his detention, Draco Malfoy suddenly finds himself in a different world in which he meets a Ginny Weasley who wants it off with his head. In a place where they are all mad, finding a smoking Slughorn, a tea-obsessed Luna or tear-filled pools are not at all surprising.
Author’s Note: Sorry that it took me so long to finish it. I’m really not used to writing at all and this is the second fanfic I’ve ever written (the first was really bad), so I know this is not very good, but I hope you like it. For the owner of this awesome prompt, I hope I didn’t ruin it much >_< Also, English is not my first language, so I apologise in advance for grammatical errors and my limited vocabulary. By the way, I got the pool reference from Ouran High School Host Club (and changed it a bit) and the name Weaselton from Frozen (changed it slightly, too) and “We’re all mad here” is from Alice in Wonderland. Thanks for reading, lots of love ^_^
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fandom, fanfic, Harry Potter, Draco, Ginny


(runs around yelling)
(it WOULD have been nice to know this earlier, but...)
I'm getting kind of loopy by now. But it's all worth it! :)

And here's the info, for anybody who ever gets stuck with text showing up ALLSQUISHEDTOGETHERLIKETHIS when cut and pasted somewhere.

In word, press CTRL-H. In the search box, type "^p" In the replace box, type "^p^p"

Take out the quote marks.

And it will be fixed!! Lots and lots of yay!
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