April 30th, 2014

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Banners for Everyone! :)

Hey all,

I've also made a couple of general exchange banners (and there will be more.) They aren't tied to a specific author or fic, so everybody can use them. :) I was thinking about posting them at the end, but if they're available now, then people can use them if they want to post their fics earlier. So here are the first ones! :)

Also, if you want the original larger versions, I've started to post them on the FIA FB account. But they're very big files, so this is the place to dl images as banners.

small_exch final 06_outside grassknoll tree sparklies

SMALL_MAIN_exch_final_7_fairytale forest

Okay, I'm probably more amused than I should be by this one...
small_clipped_DARKEST FIC

More tomorrow, and news about the summer challenge! I've kind of been going nuts the past couple of days. A 17,000 word chunk of my OFIC (*Death: A Love Story*) has to be turned in by 10:00 am tomorrow morning for my f2f writers' group. :)