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And it all BEGINS!!!

Hey all,

So... today is the long-awaited day! The very FIRST day of the D/G Fic Exchange A-GoGo of 2013/14! I'm so glad you're all here! We're going to have a GREAT exchange.

So here's what to do now.

Write up a request for the fic you'd like and email it to us at dgfics Here's the template-- and remember that the basic theme is rebirth/regeneration.

Name/Pen Name:
LJ Username: (If you have one)
Will you be 17 by February 12?
Have you participated in the dgficexchange before?


Briefly describe what you'd like to receive in your fic:
The tone/mood of the fic:
An element/line of dialogue/object you would specifically like in your fic:
Preferred rating of the the fic you want:
More canon, or more AU?
Deal Breakers (anything you don't want?):

Are you willing to receive art instead of a fic?
If yes, what kind of artwork would you like to receive?
Is there anything you specifically don't want?

If you don't have a livejournal account and don't want to sign up for one, you can cut, paste, and fill out the template and email it to the mods at dgfics[at] anyway.

Check out the rules on the userinfo page if you need a refresher, and let us know if you have any questions! Signups will be open until DECEMBER 10TH.

The previous mods USED TO take the prompt requests as comments on this first post, but I've decided that the email option will be easier to handle. That having been said, PLEASE feel free to comment on the prompts or anything else right here. :)

Don't forget, send them to dgfics
Tags: d/g, fic exchange, fic exchange 2013

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