dgfiaexchange (dgfiaexchange) wrote in dgficexchange,

Where the exchange is right now...

Hey all,

If anybody reading this got my email, then you know that we still need to get in a LOT of the fics for this exchange.(Or if you're reading this and you DIDN'T get the email, well, it's pretty much here...) The ones we have are amazing and wonderful, but we really need the rest. We want to see what everybody's written! We want the D/G fandom to go on and on! WE CAN DO IT!!!

(gets out the pompoms)

So let's make it work!! :)


P.S.: Sorry about how Red Sky ended up being posted in reverse!! I've been pretty good about that for the multipart fics, but not this one. Just go down and find Part 1, then up for 2 and 3.

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