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Her Secret Boyfriend, for Writerdragonfly

Her Secret Boyfriend

Prompt #11
For writerdragonfly

Rating: NN
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: N/A
Author's Note: N/A
Summary: Ginny Weasley is trying her hardest to avoid Draco Malfoy. But how is one redheaded Gryffindor going to cope when he shows up to the Hogwarts Reunion and confronts her...about the relationship that they once had...

Ginny Weasley locked the door and sank down onto the floor besides it. “What is wrong with me?” Harry Potter was her perfect guy-the perfect guy. So why wouldn’t those damned grey eyes get out of her head? Draco Malfoy was the opposite of a perfect guy. He was an arrogant prat...most of the time...except for when he was being ridiculously sweet-like the one time right before the winter holidays. He stood there on the train station as she blew him a kiss. Then, grey eyes looking straight into hers, he reached out and “caught” the kiss, holding it to his heart. Ginny had been hard pressed to hold back her tears, and to resist the urge to run straight into his arms.

She’d seen him a week ago, at some Ministry event Harry had invited her to. Seeing him across the room, Ginny had panicked and Apparated away, loudly, attracting the attention of everyone present. And now he wouldn’t get out of her head. Forget it, Ginny, she told herself. Even if you could be with him, he wouldn’t take you back.

“Gin? Did I do something?” Harry’s voice startled her out of her reverie. “No, sorry, I just...” Excuse, Ginny, you need an excuse. The best lies are partly truth. “I saw Malfoy the other day, and it rather put me off snogging.” “Ah well, that’s understandable, I suppose.”

“Finally! We have some great news!” Hermione beamed across the table. “Err...” said Ron, “Hermione had an idea...” His expression of alarm was almost comical. “Don’t tell me,” she whispered to Ron “she’s campaigning for centaur votes.” “Worse.” “We’re having a Hogwarts reunion!”

“What is that supposed to mean?” “Well, Luna, Amanda, and I got together and decided we should have a multiple house reunion for our first year anniversary. And then Luna wanted to invite Blaise, and it kind of became an all-house reunion.” As Harry and Ron, stricken, began protesting against inviting the Slytherins, Ginny put a palm to her hand. She was screwed. Draco would come to any event Blaise asked him to. And then..and then he’d probably corner her and ask her why...or she’d corner him, which would be far worse. Or-oh god-what if he ignored her?

“And how the hell did Luna manage to get Blaise to come?” “Probably an Imperio, by which I mean that Blaise cast the Imperio spell on Luna to get her to invite him. If we hurry, Harry, we can Priori Incantem him.” Ginny and Hermione glanced at each other. The boys were really being ridiculously slow about Blaise and Luna.

Suddenly Ginny grew aware of a new catastrophe. “Hermione. Hermione, this is serious. What am I going to wear?” Hermione’s eyes grew wide. “I don’t have an outfit!” “I know just what we need,” announced Luna Lovegood, coming in. “A shopping trip.”

Two days later, the trio stood in Diagon Alley, looking around. “Ooh!” Hermione rushed into a store for ball gowns. “Mione! We’re not going ball-gown shopping!” The brunette emerged from the store, disappointed. “Do you think we could make it a ball?”

“Do you think Blaise and Amanda will agree to that?”

“Point taken. Oh, Madame Malkin’s!” The threesome went into the shop. “Do I look good in brown?”

“Hermione Granger, don’t even consider it.”

“Ooh, Luna, look at this! I think you’ll look nice in cyan, I really do, and the color-shifting is nice.”

“Ginny, can redheads wear green?” The redhead in question went over to look at the dress Hermione was holding. Green silk, and it would be clingy. And Draco had always liked her in green. “Harry has been dropping hints about the black dress I already have.”
“Oh come on, at least try it on.” Ginny went into the bathroom. The dress, she saw immediately, wouldn’t go with any of her shoes. And she’d probably wear a lot of makeup with it, and jewelry, and put her hair up-but if she did buy the dress, it would be completely worth it.

“You look amazing! That’s it, you’re buying it.”

“Only if you get the blue dress, Luna, and if Hermione gets that red one.”

Reluctantly, both other girls grabbed the dresses and paid for them, wincing at the prices. “Right, now for shoes.”

Five hours later, Luna pointed toward a makeup store. “Oh, bloody hell. I haven’t got any more Sickles to spend, even if I wanted to.” Ginny stared down at her empty purse. “And anyway, we could combine makeup kits.”

“Brilliant idea, that. My feet are killing me.” “Remind me again why you didn’t just charm them for comfort?” “Forgot.”

“Hermione Granger forgot something? Wow. You must have been really excited.” Hermione’s blush told the other girls everything. “Ooh, you were with Ron?” Ginny made a face. “You really shouldn’t get off with my brother when his family are in the same house.” Hermione was now scarlet. “I didn’t! We went over to my place.”

“Whatever you say, Hermione.” “Right, Luna, now that I’ve been subjected to the grilling, it’s you’re turn. What’s really going on with you and Blaise?” “We are-well, I’m a bit worried about Nargles.” Both the brunette and the redhead knew the meaning of this. The two were flirting like crazy, but refused to commit to a serious relationship. The smile they shared clearly said, ‘We’re getting them together.’

The four representatives from each house eyed the ballroom around them nervously, wondering if that spell that cast various house logos on the ceiling would get stuck on Slytherin again (Blaise kept insisting it was an accident). “Right, I think we’re done.”
Ginny went into the bathroom and looked at her green silk thing. In retrospect it was seeming like a terrible idea. She glared at it and stood up straighter. No dress ever scared a Weasley. She was going to rock it.

Standing outside, a good distance from the doors, Ginny hoped desperately that each new person that came in would look up and have silver eyes and silver hair-what was she thinking? She was hoping Draco wouldn’t come. She watched detachedly as Cho Chang entered and glared at her. Harry rushed over to take her coat. They’d be good together, Ginny realized. Harry could love Cho. And Cho was clearly still in love with Harry. And if they got together, Ginny could (maybe) be free to talk to Draco without that guilty feeling. Then again, he would never take her back. She’d hurt him too bad for that.

“Right, Gin. We’re going to the bathroom and you are telling us what is wrong with you.” Hermione tucked her arm around Ginny’s back and pushed her towards the bathroom.

“What makes you think something’s wrong with me?”

“Er, the fact that you’ve been watching that door like a Seeker watching for the Snitch for the past half hour?”

“Oh. Wait-I mean, no I wasn’t! And even if I was, who cares? So was Harry.”
“Are you upset about Harry and Cho?”

“No!” Too late she realized she’d just gotten rid of a plausible explanation. “I mean, well, maybe.”

“Do you have a secret boyfriend? C’mon, Ginny, we’re your best friends.” Ginny’s shoulders slumped.

“Not a secret boyfriend, but...well...an ex-secret boyrfriend.”

“Oh my god Gin, who?” “Is it Hagrid?” Ginny snorted. “No. Although that would be interesting, hmm?”

“Ginny-no. Just no.”

“Is he in Gryffindor?”

“Er, no.”

“Ravenclaw?” Ginny mutely shook her head.

“It’s a Hufflepuff?” Hermione looked at Ginny’s face. “Oh, Lord.”

“Slytherin.” Luna looked toward Ginny, and something in her face must have been confirmation.

“Right, I’m done talking about this.”

“No, you’re not.” Hermione was still bossy.

“Yes, I am.”

“Right, well, I’m not asking for a name. So he’s coming today, and you’re nervous because...”

“Not nervous. Just a bit, er-” “Nervous?” Ginny glared. “This conversation is so over and done.”

Luna interjected. “Were you in love?” Her eyes were unusually dreamy.

“I don’t know. I think he was, with me. But Harry came back, so we never got a chance to see if it could have happened.”

“Why did you go back to Harry?”

“Because...he was the perfect guy. What I had with Draco, that was a dream.”


“’Mione, you sound just like Ron. Calm down.”

“That’s not a reason, Ginny. Why did you leave him and go back to Harry? You don’t love him, even though he’s the ‘perfect guy.’” Luna didn’t usually have a clue what was going on, but when she did she was very perceptive.

“I am so done with talking to you guys. Bye.” Ginny Apparated out into the ballroom and strode determinedly to the door. She wouldn’t let Luna’s final words get to her-or Hermione’s. She was going to stay with Harry and forget all about those grey eyes-oh damn. There he was, just as beautiful-if not more-as he’d been two years ago. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

She watched him as he looked up-and saw her staring. His eyes moved down her body in that slow way he’d always have-no emotion. For the first few months she’d been uncertain about him, because of that. Then she’d realized the simple fact that he was looking made up for any emotion. Malfoy was never one for all that feeling business. Well, then they’d gotten together, and he’d started showing emotion other than contempt. The way she’d hurt him had probably ruined the progress he’d made.

“Listen, Ginny, sorry I I was a bit, well, judgemental-“ “Weasley.” It was him. Ginny turned to Hermione for help, but-“RON! You PRAT, you’ve put your suit on backwards.”
“How do you put a suit on backwards? How does that even...?” She could practically hear his eyes rolling. “I don’t know, but if anyone can, it’s the Weasel King.” He was right-but-“Why do you always have to put everything in such a prat-like way?”

“Look who’s talking, Weasley.”

“Oi! I have never said anything in a prat-like way!” He raised an eyebrow. “Well, maybe once or twice, but never to anyone who didn’t deserve it!”

“Oh yeah? Everyone you talk to must be a prat.” Ginny reached out and hit him. “Wait-where-Malfoy!” He’d been shepherding her to a hallway adjacent to the ballroom. “I’m having a private talk with you, Weasley.”

“What the hell, Malfoy? You can’t just drag people off to bedrooms randomly!”

She regretted phrasing it that way when he smirked. “Actually, I can and do all the time. But fear not, Weasley, I wouldn’t drag you off to any bedroom for any purpose other than-”
“I don’t think I want you to finish that sentence.”

“No, perhaps not.” He hoisted her inside the room. She attempted to Apparate out, but Draco pointed his wand at her and muttered something. She glared. “I need to learn that spell and the counter it.”

“Weasley, I can’t hear what you’re whispering, and quite frankly I couldn’t care less.” Her lips pressed together and she went and sat on the bed. His eyes followed her. Oh damn-that had been a lot more suggestive than she’d intended.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, lips parted. She stared at him. “You know, Ginny, when you’re in that dress, it’s very difficult for me to remember why I actually shoved you into this room.” She sat frozen as he walked closer and closer. A voice annoyingly like Luna’s repeated ‘Were you in love?’ and ‘You don’t love Harry.’ Harry. He inhaled. “Cinnamon. You smell like cinnamon.” He leaned in.

“Draco-no,” she croaked. He shook himself. “As if, Weasley. Why did you avoid me the other day?”

This was such an abrupt change of topic that for a moment Ginny didn’t know what to say. “Weasley? You’re getting as loony as Lovegood!”

“Oh, shut up. Luna’s a perfectly wonderful person. And she’s not as loony as she seems.”

One blonde eyebrow arched perfectly upward. She shut her eyes. “Why?” He was too persistent. She’d always loved that about him.

“Ginny.” He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. She looked him in the eye and saw his hurt. She’d hurt him, so much. For that she’d never forgive herself. Sorry, sorry, sorry, she repeated in her head, nonstop until it went from a word to just a collection of sounds, syllables strung together. After all, that was all words were-just sounds, random sounds, but their capacity for pain and joy was incredible. Like a magic of their own.
“Ginny, pay attention. Why did you avoid me?”

“I...couldn’t see you. I can’t look at you, Draco.”

“You used to do it all the time.”

“I don’t mean...Draco, if I spend too much time with you I’m going to start reconsidering all my decisions. Which I can’t do.”

“I have a boyfriend, Draco. If I stay with you for too long I’ll forget all about him.” She’d lost him when she mentioned her boyfriend. “So this is about Potter.” He spat the word out. Then he was gone, and she was alone. “That went well.”

She sat there for a long time, thinking. Would it be ridiculously idiotic to break up with Harry? Yes, of course. But why? There wasn’t any reason she was with Harry, other than this relationship had been her dream at 15. But at the same time-breaking up with him-what sane person would do that?

A sane person who wasn’t in love with her idol anymore.

She walked out and closed her eyes. “Harry, could I have a word with you?”

“Sure, Gin.”

“Er...in private?”

“One sec-right.” They walked to the same room Ginny had just been in. She tried not to laugh at the irony, because she knew the laugh would come out like a hysterical cackle. She
pointed her wand at the wall and sound-proofed the room.

“We need to end this.”

“What, the “reunion”? I know it’s fairly terrible, but it’s ’Mione’s baby, so we rather have to endur-”

“Not the reunion, Harry, I mean us. Our relationship? Remember that?”

“Ginny. Be serious.”

“I’m being serious, Harry.” He looked at her, and his shoulders slumped.

“Why? Why are you doing this?”

“We’re not meant for each other, Harry.”

“You used to say we were.”

“Yeah, well, some things change.” His lips pressed together. “I suppose it’s too much to ask that we be friends?”


“Cho Chang still loves you. Just so you know.” And then she left, feeling like a terrible person.

Hermione and Luna were waiting for her the next day. “Harry said you broke up with him and then suggested he go after Cho.” Trust Luna to be blunt. “We, er, were wondering if this means we’re going have to tolerate Malfoy at Family Dinners.” Family Dinners were Molly Weasley’s once-a-month time to cook dinner for all of her family and their spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

Ginny said, “Well, I was going to go see Draco. But I can’t quite convince myself that I deserve him.”

Hermione brought a hand to her forehead. “You’re considering Malfoy as a prospective boyfriend, and you think he’s not good enough? What kind of self-esteem problems do you have? I have Muggle Psychology books if you want to borrow some...”

Ginny told them. About the day for the Battle of Hogwarts. Draco had known something was happening. They’d been in an attic, doing things that neither Hermione or Luna wanted to hear about. He’d stopped and looked at her with his customary intensity. “Harry’s coming back soon.” She had stared at him, alarmed. “Why? Why do you have to go back to him?” They’d never talked about Harry, but it had been an assumption in their relationship.
“He’s my boyfriend, Draco. Dream guy.” He winced, and at the time-stupid girl-she hadn’t understood why. “Please. Stay.”

“I can’t.”

“I love you.” Her sharp intake of breath had been followed by a long exhale. Ginny was scared. She was scared because too much of her wanted to say “I love you too and I will never even think of Harry Potter again.” Harry Potter was for her and she was for him.
“I can’t say the same, Draco. You were a distraction. That’s all.”

He’d left angry, and so had she. Their relationship had ended with terrible words and firing random hexes at each other. They never got a chance to say a proper goodbye.
Hermione and Luna were quiet. “Well,” Luna said, “Tell him you were wrong. He can’t possibly be angry with you for that.”

“Right, Luna, now what is she going to wear?”

Ginny had refused the beauty spell and the ball gown they proffered and gone with simple (but hopefully attractive) robes and a bit of non-magical makeup. “Perfume?” Luna looked out the window. “It’s raining, so no.”

“I’m not even going to ask what that has to do with it.”

About half an hour later, Ginny nervously Apparated into Malfoy Manor.

“Blinky is sorry, Miss, but Blinky is not to let wizards or witches into Manor without Master’s permission.” Ginny knew Blinky, having visited Malfoy Manor several times (without the knowledge of Draco’s parents).

“Oh, hello, Blinky. Er-could you tell Draco I’m here?”

“Yes, Miss. Blinky goes now to tell Young Master that Miss is here.” The house-elf disappeared with a crack. About ten seconds later, he was back. “Blinky cannot be letting Miss in, something about Master and Mistress, but would Miss like any drinks?”

“No, thanks, Blinky.”

“Blinky will dry Miss, yes, because poor Miss is wet.” Ginny realized with a start that she’d forgotten the Water-Repelling Charm she’d intended to put on.

“Does my makeup look alright?” Blinky looked at her critically.

“Miss looks extraordinary, as usual.” She laughed. Blinky’s eyes suddenly flicked toward the stairs. The house-elf disappeared at once as Draco came down and looked at her, standing on his doorstep. Ginny automatically noted his messed-up hair, casual dress, and relatively tired demeanor. She’d clearly just gotten him out of bed.

He closed the distance between them quickly. “Ginny. You’re here.” She bit her lip nervously. “Yeah.”

He looked like he was going to ask her a question, then his expression changed. “Cinnamon. My god, Ginny, you don’t know how much I’ve missed that smell.”

She looked at him. “Draco, I’d like to apologize for everything that went wrong with...us. I broke up with Harry yesterday and-”

Her apology was interrupted, because he reached down and kissed her. “Mmm...” They stood there, in the rain, both rapidly getting wet. He trailed a line of kisses down her jaw and then buried his face in her neck, groaning slightly. Her fingers found their way to his chest and she pushed him inside, not caring who was in there and what they’d see.
About five minutes later, he muttered, “Stop.” She pouted and he half-smiled. “I would love to continue this, but my parents live in my house, and I rather like you alive and Un-Crucio’d.”

They stood outside in the rain. “This is ridiculous. Malfoys do not get rained on. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten my wand-” he looked at Ginny. She snorted and pointed inside. “Go and get it.” He pouted. “Oh, fine.” She dried him off-just as it stopped raining. He rolled his eyes. She smiled and reached out for his hand, and there they remained.

“Petrichor,” said Luna Lovegood. “Hmm?” Blaise asked. “The scent of rain on the ground.
Petrichor. Smell it?” “Certainly,” he answered, and reached over to kiss her.


Briefly describe what you'd like to receive in your fic:  Ginny Weasley doesn't think she deserves a second chance--their sweet, secret love was meant to stay in the past. They had both known going in that as soon as Harry Potter was back, she would leave and he would be alone again. But the relationship she craved at fifteen was one that could never last, for it's the days with Draco that she misses the most. A second chances fic.
The tone/mood of the fic: A sense of innocence, that feeling of magic. Ginny being hesitant, Draco being persistent.
An element/line of dialogue/object you would specifically like in your fic:  Petrichor. Mirrors. Rain. The smell of cinnamon.
Preferred rating of the the fic you want: Whatever works. ;)
More canon, or more AU? However the writer takes the prompt works for me. :)
Deal Breakers (anything you don't want?): Adultery.

Are you willing to receive art instead of a fic? Yes, but fic is definitely the preferred.
If yes, what kind of artwork would you like to receive? Any.
Is there anything you specifically don't want? Nope?

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