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The Draco/Ginny Exchange

Fic and Art Gifts All Around

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fandom, fanfic, Harry Potter, Draco, Ginny
dgfiaexchange wrote in dgficexchange

FIA Summer Challenge-- Fics Due Soon!!

Hey all,

So…. is everybody writing their challenge fics?? The due date is June 1st! Okay, don’t tell everybody, but… (looks around)



I think it’s going to be pushed back a few days. A ZILLION TONS of things to do fell on me in the past week. So I don’t think my own fics are going to be ready by June 1st!! I’ll announce the changed date soon.

And don’t forget, you can get to the prompt and rules thread by going to this happy link, yay.

small_star enchantress nightI LOVE Ginny’s dress here… it was one of those pics that took a lot of postwork.