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The Draco/Ginny Exchange

Fic and Art Gifts All Around

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fandom, fanfic, Harry Potter, Draco, Ginny
dgfiaexchange wrote in dgficexchange

Only Four More Days for Summer Challenge Fics!!

Yep, it's June 4th, so there are only four more days to get those summer challenge fics in. The link to the challenges is here, right here, click click click.They're due on June 8th. My birthday! Yay! We'll have lots and lots of lots of virtual quadruple cake with extra icing and homemade chocolate gelato. Because virtual birthday has no calories. And it can't trigger migraines. :)

And just to inspire everybody a little bit more, here's the banner for semper_x_eadem's fic, Family Feuds and Inlaws Wooed. There's still more exchange art coming-- sunnystorms' piece hasn't gotten done yet, and I just know there's one more... and alotua, you will not believe it, but your exchange fic WILL GET DONE. I'm still working on the last chapter. :) I never give up on anything, you see...

Anyway, here's the pic!

semper d and gi in bedroom