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The Draco/Ginny Exchange

Fic and Art Gifts All Around

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fandom, fanfic, Harry Potter, Draco, Ginny
dgfiaexchange wrote in dgficexchange

One last piece of exchange art!!

Hey all,

Hey all! Thanks so much for being patient on the FIA Summer Challenge Voting front!! It just kind of hit during the worst possible time... my friend's death was totally unexpected and hit me very hard. And a few things went by the wayside. But I HAVE been writing a lot. Which I thought for about a week that I would never do again, because... my very close friend was also my critique partner.

So anyway... the final voting date for the FIA Summer D/G Challenge will be Friday, I've decided. If you haven't voted yet, head on over to:
the voting poll, which also has links to the fics.

And here is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PIECE of exchange art for the amazing Murder at Malfoy Manor by the fabulous tudorrose!!! Actually, it didn't get posted because I liked it so much that I was saving it, and then, well... Anyway, here it is. BTW, that's Lucius on the library table, NOT Draco. To be perfectly honest, it was a lot easier to just not show his face than to go through all the morphs involved with making him look old enough to be Draco's father. Although I think it would be interesting to try sometime. When I have some extra free time...



final murder at mm

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Psst Anise - you still have one for me right? The Ties that Bind? :P (This is Sunny, obviously, unable to log in for the moment.)

Nice composition on this one!

Thanks! :)
Yes, Sunny, I do!! I just kept trying a zillion different things with that one, and I could never get it exactly the way I wanted. I think that means that I need HELP. From YOU. What do you want to see? What kind of setting? What kind of mood? What kind of clothes?? Lighting? Camera angles?

A so beautiful art again. :D

But I'm so, so sorry for you to read this about your hurtful loss. My sympathy and condolence goes of course to you and the family of your friend.
I wish you much, much strength to get through this difficult situation and difficult time. *HUGS*

Thank you so much! :) Yeah, it's been pretty hard to deal with... but I'm trying to keep writing. :)

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