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Official results from the FIA D/G Summer Challenge 2014!

final challenge summer 2Pm

So... the FIA D/G Summer Challenge of 2014 is done, the votes are counted, and the results are in!

Two fics are tied for first place:
Title: Same Time, Same Place
Author: cherryredxx
Word Count: 3,750
Rating: Sorta Naughty
Warnings: Mild language and innuendo
Same Time, Same Place

Title: Parley with a Pirate
Author: idreamofdraco
Word Count: 3,363
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Warnings: Copious amounts of pirate speak.
Parley with a Pirate

There will be art coming soon for both!
Thanks so much to everyone who participated, whether as writer, reader, reviewer, or anyone else-er!!

We will now take a short break from challenges and exchanges. The D/G forum on ffnet is running one right now, I think, so please head on over there and take a look.
And thanks again for being a D/G participator!

P.S.: Chapter 4 of Of Sun Breaks and Salacious Delights will be up very soon. :)

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