dgfiaexchange (dgfiaexchange) wrote in dgficexchange,

Important News About the OFIC Forums

So I've been working on the OFIC test forums a lot, and they're *technically* pretty much ready to go right now... but I want to make sure that everything is in place.

I think that I know what the timing is going to be for them. I'll be gone on vacation to Minnesota from Aug 26th (next Tuesday) to Sept 3 (2 days after Labor Day.) The OFIC test forums will be open then... but ONLY to potential co-mods!! So...

Think about if you might want to participate as a mod. There is no WAY I'm doing this all by myself!! Wordpress and Simplepress are user friendly enough so that I could do the tech side myself if I had to, at least for a while (although it would be good to have some mod help there too.) But what we need to do is to PLAN and map out exactly what this forum is going to be. I don't know of any other forum out there exactly like it... definitely nothing else that is really what I want this forum to become.

I do want mod reps from other fandoms (my top 2 picks would be Elementary and Orphan Black, and that's another issue to discuss), but it only seems fair to start in D/G.

So think about it, get some great ideas going, and get ready for September 3rd!!

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