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The Draco/Ginny Exchange

Fic and Art Gifts All Around

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Why We're Here

This is a fic (and art) exchange focusing on the pairing of Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley, from the Harry Potter series. If that's not your bag, then this isn't the place for you. If it sounds good to you, welcome!

Rules and Requirements

Here are the SPECIFIC rules for the D/G Fic Exchange A-GoGo of 2013/14. The more GENERAL guidelines are below the rules. Anise wrote the rules; Seegrim et al originally wrote the guidelines and Anise edited them.

THEME: Rebirth/regeneration.

Mods are: realanise, dyk3adellic,semper_x_eadem.


Write a prompt outlining what you'd like in your fic. Use the template that will be posted on Dec 1st.

Send them to dgfics @gmail.com


Signups are closed. All the prompts must be in!

December 14th:

All prompts will be posted on the LJ account in a table for you to pick from. Participants can comment on the prompts, giving their first three or five (or however many) choices. Also, you can mail us at dgfics@ gmail.com. Remember that you can pick two you absolutely would NOT want to write. We're going to do everything we can to make sure nobody gets their personal bottom two, but because we don't have as many prompts this year, we can't make any promises. As soon as a prompt is picked, we go in and black it out. So pick fast, or you’ll miss out!

December 19th:

You will receive your prompt by today. Remember to respond to our email so that we KNOW you got the prompt. Don’t make me come over there. If you have any questions, please keep it anonymous-- email us at dgfics @ gmail.com, or PM one of us privately. We will have signup posts for volunteers for substitute authors, in case someone flakes out/goes on a trip to Mars with the Explorer/expatriates to Sweden because they posted a top secret chocolate truffle recipe on Wikileaks. You get the idea. We will also do a post for betas. You have until Jan. 26th, to write and beta your fic—so get started now. If you’re writing this in word, do not do “save as html.” The only html code that should be in the fic you submitted whould be < I>, < B>, and possibly < hr>, < U> or < center>, and their corresponding closing tags.A space is added because LJ is insisting on reading this as HTML!! It’s EXACTLY the same way that you submit/post a fic to the FIA site. Minimum number of words is 1,500 and maximum is about 30,000.

January 26th, 2014

They’re all DUE!!! Submit your fic to dgfics@ gmail.com (Is this address starting to look familiar by now?) as an attachment.

Feb 2, 2014:

We will start posting!! Remember, this is still anonymous, so YOUR name will not be on there… just the name of the person you wrote the fic for.

Then it’s nominations and awards! Yay!


1. Give to get. As this is an exchange, in order to receive a story, you have to write one (or provide art. We'll see how many people want art). While things do happen sometimes, you're giving your word. Please try to keep it.Or... I don't know... evil bat-bogey frogs will come to get you.

2. Communicate. We have to be able to get a hold of you in case something comes up. Whether or not you're on LJ (and accounts are free and easy to get, in case you were wondering), we need a valid email that you check regularly. We'd also like for you to write back if we send you something, even if it's to say "Sorry, life exploded, I haven't written a word." We're less likely to think you're a horrible human being if we at least know what's going on.

3. Know the limits. Stories should have a minimum word count of 1,500 and a maximum of about 30,000. We'd really like to keep it down to two posts per story, tops, so please test it out if you can. Also, please make sure the story you turn in is complete, although it's okay if it's wide open for a sequel.

4. Code your own. Please add html tags to your story as appropriate for bold, italics, etc. If you need help with this, read this tutorial before contacting a mod.It's just what you would do if submitting to the archive, though-- nothing more.

5. Editing. Learn it, live it, love it. You wouldn't give someone a broken gift, and a fic that hasn't been beta read is the equivalent. If you need a beta, try the FIA Forums to find one - but be discreet. You don't want your recipient to end up being your beta by accident.

6. Anonymous gift is anonymous. Don't post your fic elsewhere before the grand reveal - it would mean you're no longer anonymous and thus defeat the whole purpose.

7. Respect your age. If you're a minor, avoid the smutty stuff. If we know or find out you've violated this rule, you'll be summarily kicked out of the exchange. As of December 2013, LJ has really upped the censorship. So we're not kidding here.

8. We name and shame. Remember up there where we talked about communication and giving? If you sign up and then punk out, and we don't know anything about why, we'll put your name on the Wall of Shame and wish you a future filled with tears and icky pairings in bad fanfic. So please, don't be a punk.

If it's your first time participating in an exchange, or you've never read it, we'd really recommend reading 'A Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges, by Someone Who Knows' by flyingcarpet. Knowing what makes good manners helps you avoid having bad manners.

Past Rounds' Masterlists
Deadlines & Dates:

Round Nine
Here are the dates for this round:
December 1-December 10 - signups
December 14th- prompt picking
December 19th- assignments sent out
January 26th- fics due
February 2nd - start posting

Who's in charge here?

This exchange has one mod - realanise.Don't hesitate to email Realanise at dgfics [at] gmail.com.

We are proudly affiliated with the Fire and Ice Archive and the following fic exchanges: pphpficexchange, dmhgficexchange, sshg_exchange, rwhgficexchange, hpgwficexchange, takingitinturns, ronpansy_fest, and smrw_ficafest, dmficexchange & hp_fivethings. We may disagree vehemently on pairings, but we agree that it's fun to write for each other!


This community was created and founded by applecede and has been maintained by several others over the years, namely, jandjsalmon, seegrim, and mynuet.


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